HOLIDAY: I has it!

stuffontheground – leaving SML

Finally, two hours later than planned (the perils helping out RHH) I managed to get the heck out of SML – and I don’t have to return for 27 glorious days.

I started the holiday as I meant to continue – planned a half fast day for today (full fast day was yesterday), a 5km run when I got home and a couple of festive wines in the evening.

When I eventually arrived home, I geared up (sans garmin – which is off being repaired1) and headed out – only to be confronted about 2km in by a horrid stitch and then off and on cramps. And I had to walk a few times. Pah!

People who know I’m doing 5:2 often ask me if you can exercise on fast days – I think this is clear evidence that it might not be a good idea on the second sequential day. The things I do for Science!


A very sedate Xmas day is planned for tomorrow – Joe/Frank and Bessie are off for the large family gathering with their Dad, Joan and Ajax will be lunching with us before setting off for NZ in the afternoon (well travelled, those two). And then it will be Don, the kitties and I slothing about. Glorious!

I half-joked to MrT and the PA that I needed to work on my deliverables list for the break. Half-joked because I’ve already written a few things down.

I very much want to use this time productively and kinda sorta re-set my mojo.

So far I am planning to start this sweater (see, Don’s evil cultural imperialism project is working), I mean this jumper, to start making the quilt from fabric squares I’ve been holding onto for about 11 years (this was an action item in 2010 – oops), I want to sew something, I want to blog more (indeed, if I could emulate the excellent ganching with her daily blogging, I would be delighted), I want to take more photos, I want to have a totally amazing trip to Hong Kong &etc.

And apart from preparing my six month plan at the end of the holiday, I want to not think of SML at all.

And tonight, the ceremonial viewing of that film. Screw you, haterz.

I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow, but in the interim … happy holidays! (argh! Don’s influence again)

1is it really a run if you are not collecting data?

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