This is an ultrasound taken of my ute last Thursday.

If you look carefully, you may notice the complete absence of anything foetal within.

Yes, lovely imaginary friends, contrary to assumptions, I am not knocked up!

To summarise – Don and I were extremely, extremely baby-motivated in December/January, but were forced to wait until April to make a decision (for various financial/insurance reasons outlined in the previously themed post).

The waiting really made us both very carefully consider precisely what we wanted to do and where we saw ourselves going in life – and to reflect on our motivations for this (there’s definitely a whole lot of baggage in my desire for a new sprog that we can go over at another point). This is a huge contrast to our previous individual MOs of just drifting along in life and seeing what eventuated, or being ridiculously impulsive and watching the cards fall where they may.

And so, completely independently, and after a great deal of soul-searching, a week and a half ago, we decided that really, we did not actually need or want another baby in our lives.

I’m very sorry that you won’t all be imaginary internet aunties (which is the most awesome term ever, thanks to my beloved Harriet!).

Oh, and the ultrasound? Part of diagnosing some quite horrible gynaecological issues which I won’t scare you with right now.


8 thoughts on “resolution

  1. It's true, then: “assume” makes an ass out of u and me… or just me in this case.

    Glad you guys are in agreement though, that would be a stressful thing to disagree about.

  2. Yes it would be a most stressful disagreement! I am sad because I wanted my boy to have an imaginary internet cousin, who of course was going to be another boisterous boy! Congratulations on coming to the right decision for you both, much love and other mushy sentiments sent your way.

  3. oh grrr @ me for forgetting to mention that I hope your horrible gynaecological issues turn out to be not quite so horrible. This is taking me ages, I keep having to fix up my sentences due to having a dodgy space bar and no “D” key, both thanks to my boisterous boy, these are someof thethings which you do not have to worry about in your future!!

  4. I am also glad you are in agreement – I have been on the other side of that and it's not pretty.

    Hoping the issues are resolved quickly!

    And if you are ever unsure of whether you have made the right decision – feel free to come babysit. It will validate your decision within half an hour.

    all the best.

  5. Thanks lovely people!

    It's still amazing to us that we made a mature and thoughtful decision. Could it be that we have finally grown up?

    I found it a little intriguing that everyone assumed we'd go the baby route – am not sure what this says about any of us, but it is interesting.

    Harriet and Jano, part of what swayed us was remembering how much energy is required just to keep up, how tired you are all the time and how you never, ever have any time for yourself – until they move out of home!

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