the glebe triangle

After a perfectly revolting week (honestly I work with disfunctional fuckwits, combine that with a small existential crisis, and well, blah), I had a marvellous day yesterday.

Bought some fabulous pie making equipment (among other things, the perfect red emile henry pie plate, a wonderful marble rolling pin – both incredibly difficult to find) which I’d been thinking about for a while. I used to be quite the fab pie maker way back in the day when I was doing the super-hausfrau thing and had a bit of a hankering to get back into pies.

And we found pasta in the shape of hearts! Red pasta hearts! So cute (Golly, I’m sickening – if you’d once told me I would be thrilled by red pasta hearts, I would have rolled by eyes in disgust).

After months of tireless sleuthing (well, it wasn’t exactly tireless, more good luck) we discovered the abode of the grumpy old dude! It was a very slow reveal over a number of months after we first spotted him walking down the street and into the block next door. No, I’m not obsessed. Really, I’m not.

Finally managed to fix the big computer! So very exciting. At last, the joy of being able to update my ipods! It was the CPU for those playing along at home – just reseated it and added new thermal grease and all better!

Unfortunately, I topped off the evening by running the poor car into the metal guard around the pipes in the garage and left a dent just above his wheel arch. Whereupon I wept buckets. The poor, poor baby.

Today was all about the cooking, Don made bread for the first time! Awfully yummy bread it was too. And I made steak and kidney pie, which turned out rather well despite the weather being a bit hotter than the ideal for flaky pastry.

I had some rather lovely snaps of the cooking adventures to post (with new fixed computer!) and then I discovered that that new fixed computer wasn’t as fixed as I’d supposed. Yes, it had died again. Damn. Fortunately I had updated the ipods. I swear this house is some kind of death zone for computers.

2 thoughts on “the glebe triangle

  1. -fuckwit- now this was a term I was unfamiliar with, and wondered if it was an Australian thing…. so I googled it and found Now this is a word that I can relate to. I too seem to be surrounded by fuckwits!

  2. Hi Anon,Glad to extend the vocab! It is an eminently useful word as, yes, fuckwits seem to be everywhere.My Macquarie Australian Dictionary (2nd Revision: 1987) defines it as follows:fuckwit n. Colloq. a nincompoopWhich doesn’t really cut it in the definition stakes, but I could get on board with calling people nincompoops – very foppish/dandy-ish (but still not quite as evocative as fuckwit)

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