“how would you and frank like to see some shrunken heads?”

Whenever Fenton goes away for an extended period, I always plan to make productive use of my time, but invariably do nothing at all. This fortnight appears not to be deviating from my past pattern. I had planned to do some exercising, however I’ve done something painful to my neck and shoulder after carrying some shopping back from Woolies. Am I really such a physical wreck that I cannot even carry shopping without injury?


I now have one suspect for the dobber – erstaz-madame-thingy. Horrifying, no? I understand that she might have passed in the info to a colleague in a gossip exchange (for gossip is major currency at the Marie Celeste), but we all loathe the HR Cow. So I haven’t spoken to her overly much this week, quite a sensible approach.


more later (perhaps)

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